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Brief historical outline:

Prof. I. Ionkova,PhD,D.Sc.

Prof. I. Krasteva
           Prof. I. Krasteva,PhD

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Core Subjects:

Pharmaceutical Botany IV-V semesters

(Lectures - 60, seminars - 90, practicum - 48);

Pharmacognosy VI - VIII semesters

(Introduction - 10, lectures - 90, seminars - 195, practicum – 48);

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (for Industrial Pharmacy students) VII semester

(Lectures - 30, practicum – 60).

Courses offered at:

Undergraduate level (regular and extramural students);

Postgraduate level.

Postgraduate courses in: Medicinal plants and herbals.

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Experimental Laboratories:

Anatomy, morphology and classification of plants - 2;

Macroscopic and microscopic identification of drugs - 2;

Phytochemical analysis of drugs – 3;

Biotechnology – 3;

Main fields of Research:

Phytochemistry (isolation and study of the structure of natural compounds, mainly phenolics and saponines);

Standardization (quantitative and qualitative analysis of drugs and pharmaceutical products extracted from medicinal plants);

Study of the dynamics of accumulation of bioactive substances in medicinal plants;

Chemotaxonomic studies;

In vitro cultures (regulation of biosynthesis of natural products in plant cell and tissue cultures);

Taxonomy, horology and mapping of higher plants;

Basic Methods of Research:

Extraction of plant material (total and gradual);

Chromatography - TLC (analytical and preparative), paper, column, HPLC;

Spectroscopy (UV, IR, 1H and 13C-NMR, MS);

Chemical Reactions (hydrolysis, methylation, acetylation, etc.);

Qualitative and quantitative, spectrophotometric, densitometric analysis; liquid chromatography;

Tissue cultivation of medicinal plants;


Chromosomal analysis of medicinal plants.

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Laboratory Equipment:

LC-MS (Thermo Scientific q Exactive Plus - Dionex 3000RSLC) UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Libra S70 (BIOCHROM); Densitometer Scanner 2 (CAMAG); HPLC (VARIAN, WATERS, YL); Incubator JOAN; Laminar box; Autoclave; Electronic analytical scales for measuring humidity (SARTORIUS).

Medical Orientation of Studies:

Isolation of substances of plant origin in greater quantities for pharmacological testing;

Development of methods of analysis of bioactive substances of plant origin;

Standardization of plant drugs and pharmaceutical products derived from them. 

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