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Pharmacology, Pharmacotherapy and Toxicology

                                                                 (лекционен курс  Проф. д-р М. Мичева, дм)

                                                                Questionnaire Toxicology 


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Brief historical outline:

Up to 1973 instruction in pharmacology was carried out by the Department of Pharmacology at the Faculty of Medicine at the Higher Institute of Medicine. In 1968 Prof. Tz. Stoichev, M.D., started a regular course on drug toxicology at the Department of Pharmaceutical and Organic Chemistry at the Faculty of Pharmacy. Later a practicum was added to the course.

In 1973 the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology at the Faculty of Pharmacy was founded and headed by Prof. Dushka Staneva-Stoicheva, M.D., Ph.D.

In the years 1986-91 the department was part of the Department of Pharmacology at the Research Institute of Pharmacology and Pharmacy at the Medical Academy. Since 1991 this department has become a separate unit again, as a department at the Faculty of Pharmacy, with Prof. Dr. Margarita Karaivanova, D.Sc., as its head. Assoc. Prof. Nikolai Danchev, M.D., Ph.D., was elected in 2000 for head of the department.


Lecturers: 8 (lecturers of academic rank - 2; 1 professor and 1 associate professor; assistants - 6)

Specialists with Higher Education: 3

Technical staff: 6

Subjects and duration of Courses:

Core Subjects:

Pharmacology and Toxicology VI-VIII semesters

(lectures - 105; seminars and practical workshops - 135).

Courses offred at:

Undergraduate level (regular and extramural students);

Postgraduate level.

Experimental and Research Laboratories:

Toxicology and Drug Metabolism - 1;

Neuro- and Psycho-pharmacology - 1;

Isolated Smooth Muscle Preparations - 1;

Experimental Chemotherapy - 1.

Main fields of Research:

Behavioral and Biochemical Neuro- and Psycho-pharmacology;

Experimental Chemotherapy and Cell Protection;

Cardiovascular Pharmacology;

Pharmacology of the Smooth Muscles;

Drug Toxicology and Drug Metabolism;

Hepatotoxicity and Hepatoprotection;


Available Research Methods:

Pharmacological Screening for CNS Effects - Antidepressant,

Antipsychotic, Anticonvulsant, Analgesic and Antiinflammatory Effects;

Affinity for Cerebral and Peripheral Benzodiazepine Receptors;

Pharmacological Screening for Effects on CVS;

Pharmacological Screening for Effects on DS and RS;

Assessment of the Effects on Blood Clotting;

Assessment of the Effects of Chemotherapeutic Drugs;

Assessment of the Effects on Isolated Smooth Muscle Preparations;

Drug Metabolism within the Norm or Under Model Pathological States - Drug-metabolizing Enzymes, Cytochrome P-450;

Model Hepatic and Renal Pathological States;

Drug Interactions;

Hepatotoxicity and Hepatoprotection;


Evaluation of the Acute and Chronic Toxicity of Newly Synthesized Compounds;

Basic Laboratory Equipment:

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