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Pharmaceutical Chemistry

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Head of Department:
Prof. Alexander Zlatkov, Ph.D.
Tel.: (+ 359-2) 9236-505

Brief Historical outline:

The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry was founded in 1945 following the setting up of the Section of Pharmacy at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at the University of Sofia "St. Kliment Ohridski". In 1954 the name of the department was changed to Department of Pharmaceutical and Organic Chemistry, since the teachung of organic chemistry came under its responsibility. In 1982 the department became a separate unit again.

Heads of the Department since its establishment: Prof. D. Dalev; Prof. D. Danchev; Prof. L. Dryanovska-Noninska; Prof. Y. Gagauzov, D. Sc.; Assoc. Prof. P. Avramova, Ph.D, Prof. Plamen Peikov, Ph.D

Teaching Staff:

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Subjects and duration of Courses

Core Subjects:

Pharmaceutical Chemistry: IV - VI semesters (lectures - 90; seminars and practical workshops - 135)
Analysis of Drug Preparations: VII - VIII semesters (lectures - 60; practical workshops - 165)
Bromatology: IX semester (lectures - 30; practical workshops - 30).

Courses offered at:

Undergraduate level (regular and extramural students)
Postgraduate level

Postgraduate courses in:

Analysis of Drug Preparations.

Experimental Laboratories:

Pharmaceutical Chemistry - 1;
Analysis of Drug Preparations - 2;
Bromatology - 1.

Main fields of Research: 

Synthesis of derivatives with potential biological activity of the groups of methylxanthines, substituted morpholines etc. as well as synthesis and study of prodrugs.

Analysis of medicinal substances (quantitative and qualitative according to functional groups of the substances, drug forms, biological environment and food) and application of instrumental methods of analysis;


Biotechnology of medicinal substances;

Development of standardized documents, technical specifications, analytical methods for medicinal preparations (registered in QCL of the pharmaceutical firms in the country).

Basic Laboratory Equipment:

Analytical and technical balances (Mettler and Sartorius); Specord UV-vis (Zeiss, Jena); Specol 11 (Zeiss, Jena); Diode Array Spectrofotometer (Hewlett Packard); Apparatus for measuring if density after K. Fisher (Orion); IR-spectrophotometer UR-20 (Zeiss, Jena).

Medical Orientation of Studies:

Compounds with potential biological activity synthesized at the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry are subjected to pharmaco-toxicological screening to establishe their effects on the CNS, CVS, RS, etc.

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